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    SRG is manufacturing and providing high quality bullet proof glass in Ahmedabad, India. These type of glass mostly used in jewelry shop, banks and show rooms at reasonable price. For more information about our products you can visit our site www.shreerangglass.in or you can call us on at +91 (79) 25730032 - 33.

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    Shree Rang Glass manufactures and provides best quality Insulating Glass Units (IGU) Glass in Ahmedabad, India. These types of IGU glass generally used for windows, doors and curtain walls at affordable range.

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    Shree Rang Glass manufactures and provides most excellent quality Float Glass in Ahmedabad, India....

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Why choose IGU glass for the windows of the house?

Windows and doors are the important parts of your home. Nobody wants foggy windows in the living area. When the homeowners face the problem of foggy windows, they look for different types of ways to get rid of them. Rather than spending a lot of money for replacing the glass, you can look for repair services for the damaged window. IGU glass can help to prevent the leakage and avoid fogging also.

IGU glasses are becoming popular in the construction industry. Two sheets of glass are joined together and a small space is left between them. Tempered glass is used for manufacturing such type of glass. Double or triple glazed glass or insulated glass units (IGU) windows are airtight and prevent accumulation of moisture. They are considered to be an environment-friendly option and they help to maintain the windows in an excellent condition.

If you have regular windows, it may be difficult for you to maintain the warmth within the house. Using IGU glass can lower the heating bills by 10-12%. The homeowners would be able to save a lot of money when they replace the regular windows with IGU glass. They are ideal for doors, windows and curtain walls.

Such types of glasses are stronger and durable as compared to other glasses used for windows. Moreover, they are surely a cost effective option that has several benefits. IGU glass is available in different styles and you should make sure that you buy such products from reliable and reputed suppliers.

You can expect IGU glass windows to last for about 10-15 years. Always look for warranty of the glass whether you buy such glass online or offline. So, what are you waiting for? Replace the regular glasses with IGU glass and enjoy the numerous benefits.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Secure Your Life with Bullet Proof Glass

It is very important to have security system to keep your office or home premises safe from theft or other such sudden happenings. If your office/home has wooden or glass structure, then you may be at risk. You can correct your office/home structure with the use of bullet proof glass. By making use of this security glass, you can be rest assured to get the best protection.
The best thing about this type of glass is that it has the ability to provide high level of protection which only few safety materials can provide. No matter, whatever situation is causing you to opt for this important safety measure, it is very important to understand how it functions and how helpful it can prove to you. There are numerous uses of this glass besides the most common use in law enforcement fields. Besides this, even commercial and residential establishments can also consider this safety measure.

Banks – With the increase in bank robberies, this type of glass should be installed in banks and other financial institutions, where there is high risk of theft or robbery. By making use of this glass, lot of damage and lives of people can be saved in case of robbery attacks.

Schools – Unfortunately, due to high rise in crime rate even schools too need high security and protection. The number of attacks so far have injured several children so when security glass is installed in schools, it can guarantee high protection and safety of kids in schools.

Commercial establishments – Several commercial establishments such as malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. also require high level of safety and protection for the people who visit these commercial establishments.

Thus, there are several additional uses of bullet proof glass besides the above and as the market grows and develops; more uses of this security glass will be discovered.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Insulated Glass Blinds manufacturer @Ahmedabad, India – Sree Range Glass

Our R&D team has developed Insulated Glass Blinds that are specifically designed for commercial & corporate purpose. These products are come up with the ultra modern technologies we make these products available in the market with two options i.e. manual & automatic. These products make any organization clean & dust free it also avoids any types of moistures.

The main features of these products can be judged by it’s various applications & usage. It provides the stylish & safe solution in any organization. It is also act as an energy saving products. It also helps in providing the light filtering control. The product comes with remote control which makes its usage smooth.

The products generally found in corporate offices where meetings are often take places.
It is available in different colors & sizes with lots of patterns For more information about our products you can visit our site www.shreerangglass.in or you can call us on at +91 (79) 25730032 - 33.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

High Quality Insulated Glass Blinds Manufacturer & Supplier by SHREE RANG GLASS

Insulated Glass Blinds is one of the most demandable products of Building & Glass Industries. We have come up with latest & modern Insulated Blinds which are in two form manual as well as remote. The unique concept of these products were generally found in European countries but as the times passes now it is also found in Asian region as well.

The key features of these products are it is very easy t use because it is work on the remote basis. Style & safe solution is the added advantage of these products. The product is sealed with the glazed unit so it can be considered as an energy saving products as well. It provides the excellent light flittering control so that you may get the natural atmosphere as well.

These products are generally found in conference & board room where the meetings are taken place often. We can say this work as a private or confidential board room separate as well. It is used in bathrooms, office & kitchen as well.

We are located at one of the prime Industrial zone of India. Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Our Company is well support by the land, sea & air which makes the mode of transportation easy.